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About ElevateEQ


ElevateEQ is a consulting service that works with startup founders and executives to design and implement the human side of their business.

Every touchpoint matters as you grow your company, whether it be internal or external. Let ElevateEQ focus on the human side of developing your values, brand, culture, recruitment process, or HR policies, leaving you with more time to focus on the product.  




The HR function is a strategic function. As you grow your company, different stages require different focuses and deliverables. Below are examples of some of the challenges and milestones you may face.

Where are you in your growth phase?

Planting the Seed

Planting the Seed


You've got your elevator pitch down, and even secured some funding.

What should you keep in mind to attract your dream team?

  • Defining the company values: How to attract your tribe through values alignment
  • Hiring the first team members: Identifying the critical roles and responsibilities
  • Setting an intentional company culture: Keeping a focus on people and not things; Keeping culture alive through story-telling
Starting to sprout

Starting to sprout


You've crafted your story and have a solid team to support your vision.

What processes and tools do you need to become an employer-of-choice?

  • Candidate Experience: Best practices training & fundamentals to build your recruiting team

  • Employer Branding: Strategies for showcasing your company culture

  • HR Tech: Implementing tools and data insights for decision making and scaling




You have strong brand recognition and want to focus on scaling and expansion. 

What areas should you focus on to retain top performers?

  • New Hire Onboarding: The critical period from offer acceptance to first day

  • Benefits & Perks: What are the things that really matter to your employees?

  • Performance Management: Encouraging real-time feedback

  • International Expansion: Growing the company culture across distributed teams



About The Founder

ElevateEQ was created by Marissa Senzaki, former Senior Recruiter (and first HR hire) at Slack. She's spent over a decade supporting tech companies in Silicon Valley, and abroad, in a recruiting and HR function.

She found that company culture and employee well-being were often an afterthought for many tech leaders, even undervaluing and overlooking this important and necessary function altogether. From her experiences in hyper-growth companies and scaling offices internationally, she became an advocate for a humanistic approach to recruiting. Through ElevateEQ, Marissa works with startups that believe a people first approach creates a successful company.


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